Vital to inspire West Norfolk’s workforce of the future

Caroline Williams ENGANL00120131017110042
Caroline Williams ENGANL00120131017110042
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Recent surveys in Norfolk schools show that our young people are pessimistic about their future. Yet, at the same time, even allowing for economic challenges, Norfolk’s business community is quietly optimistic about the future.

We need to bridge that gap and pass on the optimism about opportunities to West Norfolk’s young people.

There’s a lot of talk about that issue, and a new programme encouraging businesses to become voluntary Enterprise Advisers was launched earlier this month. But what is the role of businesses?

I believe it’s simply to inspire our young people about their opportunities. I say simply, but this is going to need some teamwork.

Many schools are of course now run as businesses. And within schools the gap and the task come into sharper focus. The education leaders are the experts at how students are taught. What the business community can do is add value by making real the reason our young people are learning.

Primarily that reason is to be able to become part of the workforce.

That’s why we need need to equip them with a flexibility of skills. We need them to know that there are jobs which will enthuse them. Jobs that may not exist yet, such is the rate of change!

As a business community we need to give our time and ability to this problem. It’s important to the lives and wellbeing of our young people, and it makes good business sense. They are our future workforce.

Our region’s education leaders are open to finding ways to make this work. The Norfolk Chamber has taken up the business mantle to help facilitate change. Good work already happening but I believe we have to do more, more effectively.

This is a call to action. Be open to how you, and your organisation, can help.

Even a small contribution of time from businesses can help motivate young people, improve exam results, and support our educators. It can ensure that our young people understand their opportunities and are looking forward to the future.

This is one objective that Team Norfolk can achieve. It’s going to need team work.

Let’s put Team Norfolk to work.