West Norfolk’s future will be brighter if we harness knowledge of talented business leaders

Caroline Williams
Caroline Williams

Not too long ago I wrote about leadership, and how business leaders can and should have a voice in the region’s strategy.

It was, I said, wrong not to use the strategic ability of business leaders in shaping our region.

These are people who have successfully led companies, and in so doing have helped define the geographic area in which they operate.

In West Norfolk the quality of our leaders is such that the perception of the region has benefitted. This is now seen as a good place to work and live.

In agriculture, manufacturing, finance, technology and the creative businesses we have outstanding companies who are here because of that.

There are, it’s true, still things we need to campaign for. Our broadband and infrastructure must be improved further and quicker, but they do not render us cut off from the world. We are, digitally, connected 24/7.

There’s space to breathe here, and a good quality of life helps fuel the minds and bodies that run our businesses. Those already here have established reputations, become successes and sent a signal to leaders and entrepreneurs everywhere that this region is the place to be.

The result is that they then become the force of attraction themselves. The message they send is that living and working in West Norfolk has contributed to their achievements. Their success will then draw others here, so that they might succeed as well. And and when they do, their success means the region succeeds.

Some would say it’s a virtuous circle. Maybe it is, but one thing is certain – we’re not running around in circles. We’re about changing and moving forward. About innovation. Because ultimately, it’s innovation that has defined all the leadership that defines West Norfolk, and on which its reputation depends.

What’s more, it’s business leadership on which our future depends.