Workshop in Hunstanton to show parents how they can “tap” away stress

Therapist Catherine Allen ANL-150121-093309001
Therapist Catherine Allen ANL-150121-093309001
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Therapy specialist Catherine Allen, of Heacham, will be showing parents how they can tackle the challenges of bringing up children with less stress in their lives.

Catherine is holding a workshop in Hunstanton specifically aimed at parents where she will demonstrate the potential of Emotional Freedom Techniques, otherwise known as “tapping”.

She said: “Being a parent is hard. As parents, we experience stress on many levels, such as emotional, physical, and in some cases, financial.”

She said parents may experience all kinds of emotions, such as feeling inadequate. anxious, unappreciated and at then end of their tether both emotionally and physically.

“EFT, or tapping, can help with these emotions,” said Catherine. “EFT tapping is a tool which can help parents to achieve peace, calm and happiness, and thus allow them to handle potentially confronting situations with confidence and composure.

“Once people have reached this state, they can help their children through tantrums and melt-downs, tears and upsets, by de-stressing him or her, and importantly, by staying calm. EFT is easy to use and can be taught to children to help them cope with everyday pressures.”

Catherine is an EFT Master Practioner and a licensed member of the Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies.

She is holding a three-and-a-half hour workshop for parents on Saturday, April 18, starting at 9.30am, at Hunstanton Methodist Church. Early booking is advised as there are limited places. For more information contact Catherine on 01485 571936 or via email at or visit the website