Buttercross, August 21, 2015: Is it negative to ask key questions about Swaffham’s future?

The Buttercross in Swaffham. ENGANL00120140402155632
The Buttercross in Swaffham. ENGANL00120140402155632
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One thing Buttercross has tried to achieve in these articles over these last several years is to be available to listen to townspeople while out and about.

With my involvement in our town over these some 70+ years I get to hear the hopes and fears of our locals on matters relevant to all of us.

A recent letter was published in the Lynn News, presumably giving a personal view of my efforts although it was signed by a councillor. Other councillors I have spoken to since were not aware of this letter and had no part in its publication.

This letter made the accusations that Buttercoss fed a drip drip of negativity when writing on town matters and was living in an “ivory tower.”

If that were the case, he is very much on the ground floor, door open and welcoming visitors who have opinions to give relevant to any town subject.

Following these visits, the stairs are climbed and the topics that were discussed are put out there in the press for all to read. Simple really.

Mention was also made of my wife spending time on our town council, although what this had to do with the subject to hand is a mystery.

But, while on this particular subject however the opportunity is there to state that my wife’s tenure as a councillor came to a rather abrupt and sad end when she realised that voicing the fears and thoughts of townspeople as presented to her carried little weight in the chamber.

Councillors generally have their own opinions and these may well not accord with those views coming from the street.

Obviously there are many good and valued things achieved in our town and which we should be proud of, and through those elected by us.

But many despair of those oft repeated words they hear, “ What a lovely little town Swaffham is.”

We all know that is generally true, but time moves on and it needs to be remembered that, as a community, we are growing at an increasingly fast rate.

Are we prepared for this? Do we have all the necessary infrastructure in place? Do we have the right people in power to move us forward to meet the challenges that inevitably lie ahead of us?

My “drip drip drip feed of negativity”, with a further feed added in by others, asks these exact and very important questions.