Buttercross, February 6, 2015

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As well as the forthcoming General Election, we also have our local elections, including the responsibility on all of us to vote for our local Town Council.

With polling day getting ever closer many may have noticed some of our present councillors who wish to stand again for re-election, being more prominent suddenly, and certainly more so than they have been over these last nearly five years.

Even given this fact, many townspeople still cannot name those presently representing them.

Our clerk recently stated that not one member of the general public attended our annual budget meeting, despite this being without doubt the most important meeting of the year given that it’s subject affects us all financially.

Maybe this meeting was poorly publicised, or perhaps we as a town feel we have enough confidence in our council to look after our financial affairs without question.

It may just be indifference, in which case maybe we would benefit from having new and untried townspeople standing for election.

Fresh faces bringing fresh ideas, and not just one or two fresh faces, but several. Many townspeople have considered standing for election previously but have shied away when realising they may be only one new voice among many older and established ones who have long standing ideas on how things should be done.

Given the hoped-for introduction of these new councillors, and younger ones at that, our town may take a big step forward.

On the subject of the hoped-for, it would have been good to have witnessed councillors leading our town’s drive for a new swimming pool, instead of giving ‘pats on the back’ to two young local mothers who are giving up their own time to get this scheme going forward once again.

It is noted that our present councillors and our clerk are holding an ‘introductory’ meeting in the council chamber on Monday (7- 9pm) to give an insight into what is expected from a councillor.

It would be good to hear there was a good attendance from those interested in standing in the election, particularly some younger people.

Many of our present town councillors are to be commended for the considerable amount of work they have done in the past, and some over many years. Perhaps it is now time for change, both in age group and direction.

Changing the subject, our town football club is having a very successful season. The Pedlars first team are pushing hard for promotion and the reserves top their league.

It is not such good news for our rugby club, who presently sit bottom of their league. Ian ‘Spike’ Milligan has stood down from his position as chairman, and, even more regrettably, has walked away from rugby.

Swaffham rugby will hopefully move along, and in an upwards direction. With Ian gone, others have again to step up to the plate.

A great deal of hard work has been put into the club to get it to where it is today. It is hoped that this is not now wasted.