Buttercross, June 5, 2015: Support needed for our Sporting Life

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Many might remember the 1960s film This Sporting Life, starring Richard Harris.

It was centred around the sport of rugby league, a sport that I follow occasionally although, being in the south of our country, union is the preferred code for most of us.

Our town’s club appears to be prospering at the moment after a bit of a sticky spell. Relegation from their league was avoided and now perhaps they can build again.

To see them once again lock horns with the West Norfolk Club must be an achievable ambition. There is nothing like local rivals facing one another to get the adrenalin flowing.

The Swaffham Golf Club hosts an important county fixture in early June when Norfolk’s first team play Lincolnshire in the Anglian League.

Only the best clubs get to host these matches and our club is right up there. Well done to them.

However, there must be one disappointment here and that is that the club have not entered a team in the new county handicap league.

Seventeen county clubs have entered but our club is not one of them. On the face of it a strange decision, and somewhat disappointing.

Elsewhere, our town’s football club has been celebrating with its first team gaining promotion. How well this club is doing with its constant struggle for funding a successful team. Their reserves and junior teams also are doing well.

More support here from townspeople would be welcomed with open arms.

But funding issues are not a current concern for our county’s senior club, Norwich City. A new manager arriving in January was just the onward push the team needed and they are now in the Premier League.

Some 40,000 fans visited Wembley to see the play-off final where Middlesbrough were beaten in front of gate of some 85,000 and a worldwide audience of millions.

This triumph reminds me of the 1958-59 cup run when our team got to the threshold of Wembley. Then, Swaffham was awash with yellow and green favours.

Different times indeed this time, with so little apparent interest townwide. Surprising given the financial boost our county will be given by the increased profile we will now enjoy come the next football season in August.