Buttercross, March 20, 2015: Sports clubs are a vital part of Swaffham’s life

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I seem to have covered an awful lot of green topics lately and here is another, albeit slightly different as it mostly covers our town’s sporting fraternity, their facilities, and currently mixed fortunes.

Our rugby club is having a really mixed, not to say difficult, season. The First XV look almost certain to be relegated from their league, but the reserve side are going quite strongly in theirs.

Perhaps there is a case for dropping down a league and building again with promising youngsters. There is nothing worse than being beaten week after week and confidence needs to be restored.

Let’s hope that this season can quickly be forgotten. No doubt the club has the coaches and committed members to ensure that fortunes rise again and soon.

A much more upbeat story is emerging from our football club. The Pedlars are finishing strongly in their league and, if they can keep their nerve and form, look favourites for promotion.

The reserves have slipped a little lately but are still near the top of their league. Swaffham’s football appears to be in the best health it has been for a year or two and townspeople ought to be out there supporting their club. They will be warmly welcomed I am sure.

With summer now rapidly approaching our bowls and cricket clubs are getting ready to start their seasons.

Grass cutting is underway, though looking at the cricket outfield on the Myer’s Field where our cricket club plays, there is still much to do.

With football being played here through the winter this surfacing needs a deal of attention to be truly ready for cricket. Similarly the entrance road needs some minor maintenance to prevent potholes. No doubt those in charge have these matters in hand.

This facility is an important part of our town’s sporting life, as it was always meant to be from the time of its inception. It deserves to be in the best possible condition for the sake of all those that currently use it, or who are likely to be drawn to it to play sport in the future.

The Bowls Club also looks ready to get started and David Futter has been working his usual magic in getting the green ready for play. Volunteers have been preparing the surrounds and clubhouse with, once again, Graham Pearce very much to the fore.

What would Swaffham’s sporting folk do without these volunteers, few in number but ever willing, putting in a considerable amount of time to get their facilities ready for play?

The Bowls Club opens with an open day on Sunday, April 12, when new members will be welcomed. Gates open at 2pm.

Why not visit, try bowls, get some gentle exercise and enjoy friendly competition among good people, young and old. Get your summer off to a good start. You’ll enjoy yourself for certain as you will with any sport that you fancy at having a go at.