Buttercross, September 25, 2015: Let’s make Swaffham better

The Buttercross in Swaffham. ENGANL00120140402155632
The Buttercross in Swaffham. ENGANL00120140402155632
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Every now and again it is worth townspeople, and hopefully councillors, noting items around our town which need attention.

One also hopes that, through these articles, that action to rectify some matters has been forthcoming.

Comment has been made in the past about Westgate House, the fine Georgian house at the entrance to the Pyghtle. It had looked pretty shabby in the recent past but now, after prolonged renovation, its appearance is fitting of such a building.

At the other end of the town centre the small housing development adjacent to the post office appears to be taking shape, though the strange name of “Settler’s Court” has appeared on the site board.

I hope whoever occupies these properties does not suffer acid indigestion, particularly after using that far from ideal entrance on to a very busy road.

While on the subject of concerns, it was good to note recently that the mayor of an adjacent town is concerned over the state of her town centre, as it appears to be in decline. Well done to her for getting out there and attempting to improve things. Pressure applied in the right places can perhaps bring positive results.

I have had my attention drawn to the new historical information boards which have appeared in our town centre, rather late in the tourist season but nevertheless, we now have them in place.

I don’t know how many people were involved in their creation but surely someone, somewhere, should have spotted, and rectified, the grammatical mistake on them before now.

The old town pit car park (aka Richmond Plain ) has been resurfaced and remarked and many townspeople are coming to the conclusion that Swaffham has shares in the “Blacktop” Industry with us being almost totally slabbed over in our centre, the consequence being that we do not have any “natural” drainage to ground anywhere.

All our considerable storm-water runoff is drained away to Heaven knows where. What a missed opportunity this is to have some much needed green areas around our centre.

Somewhere where workers could perhaps sit and enjoy their lunch on a sunny day, away from the traffic and the pollution it creates. We can only dream unfortunately.