Can you help name these Ald Catleugh School students?

A games group at Lynn's Ald Catleugh School  but when was the photo taken?
A games group at Lynn's Ald Catleugh School but when was the photo taken?
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Today’s photograph from the former Ald Catleugh School in Lynn, supplied by Mr Michael Walker, is a bit of a mystery.

He writes: “I have no idea what group this is or what date. Perhaps Lynn News readers can help?”

If you recognise any of the students and can add some information, please email to or call on 01553 817323.

Our readers were quick to respond when two pictures of Ald Catleugh students from the 1960s were featured in the Lynn News on March 11.

The pictures were of open evenings at the school and Marie Carmen (née Gallagher) says she was shown with other girls, including Shirley Eyre, at a domestic science demonstration in 1968 or 1969.

She adds: “If my memory serves me correctly we were making peppermint creams under the instruction of our domestic science teacher, Mrs Rogers. I cannot remember any of the other girls in the photo, but the two ladies to the left hand side of the photo were Phyllis Colby and Betty Gallagher, my Auntie and Mum.”

The second photograph showed a dozen students all facing the camera. June Taylor (née Moule) thinks this was approximately 1963/64 and among the girls she recalls are Ruth Grimes, Sandra Bunting, Margaret Mills, Pamela Ramsey, Susan Pegg, Ann Knights, ? Reynolds and Judith Arter. June, who left school in the summer of 1964, says the photo shown was of her year and the year below.

Mrs Christine Harriman (née Reynolds) writes in: “I am in the front (Christine Reynolds) holding the dog dressed in a nightie. Margaret Mills is at the back and Rosemary Cann is in the middle row but I am not sure of any others. I cannot recollect the event but would think it would be around 1962-3.”