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Can you help reunite Daisy with her lost teddy bear?

Daisy's teddy bear was last seen in Lynn town centre
Daisy's teddy bear was last seen in Lynn town centre

A 10-year-old girl from Heacham who lost her teddy bear in Lynn town centre is offering a cash reward for his safe return.

Daisy Dean realised she lost her teddy bear, named Teddy, in Lynn town centre on Saturday after taking a trip to Majestic Cinema and browsing in Game and HMV.

Daisy's teddy bear was last seen in Lynn town centre
Daisy's teddy bear was last seen in Lynn town centre

Her mother, Brenda Dean, said Daisy remembers snuggling down with Teddy when watching The Lego Ninjago Movie in screen one and only realised he was missing when the family were in the car on their way home.

She said: “She is so distraught as this is not just a bear, a stuffed toy. This is her Teddy. This is the one constant comfort in her life. He has a red ribbon around his neck and is well loved, some may say a bit tatty.

“He joined her on her first day of school. He was holding her hand when she was diagnosed with congenital cataracts, with the coordination disorder dyspraxia and later with ADHD.

“He wore eye patches when she needed to. He had vaccinations when she did, last week’s flu jab being the most recent.”

Teddy has helped Daisy through many tough times over the past eight years and her mother said Daisy is willing to give all of her pocket money to the person who returns him home.

“Daisy said she wants to offer her pocket money for his safe return, although that isn’t very much. So we have decided to put a £100 cash reward on his return to try and get him home to her,” said Ms Dean.

“She has been sobbing in her sleep and wakes up frantically searching for her best friend who she misses so much.

“It’s not so simple to just getting another bear. He got enrolled at Brownies when she did and went with her on pack holidays, even with his own sleeping bag.

“She gave up her half term to help pack shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse, even donating all her cuddly toys to put in the boxes.

“She said as she had Teddy, she didn’t need them. She wanted others to have that bond she had and now he is gone.”

The Lynn town centre stores visited have all been contacted, but none know of Teddy’s whereabouts.

If you have seen Teddy or you know where he is, contact Lynn News on newsdesk@lynnnews.co.uk or 01553 817322.

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