Can you help to solve Swaffham building mystery?

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Community leaders are hoping that Swaffham residents may be able to help them unravel the mysterious history of a newly uncovered town building.

Although the building on an allotment site in Princes Street has been known about for some years, it was only a recent clean-up of the site by town council staff that brought it into the spotlight.

Last month, town councillors voted to spend £1,500 to bring the building, which archaeologists believe dates back to Victorian times, back into use.

However, mystery still surrounds an inscription on the building which reads: “GWLC 1916.”

Councillor Les Scott, who is also a trustee of the town’s museum, said: “Nobody seems to know what that refers to. I’m hoping somebody will come forward.”

One theory about the building, which stands close to the water tower, is that it may have been used as a magazine to store weapons or armaments, while the LC in the inscription may stand for Labour Corps or Labour Company.

They were groups of British citizens who were born of German parents and used on operations behind enemy lines during the war.

However, members of the town’s history group say it is doubtful whether such groups would have operated in Norfolk during the conflict.

Officials from the town’s Iceni Partnership are currently preparing a bid for additional funding towards renovating the building.

And Mr Scott said any information that residents have about the building’s history can strengthen the case for the partnership’s bid.

Council officials are hoping to complete the restoration of the building during 2015, which needs repairs to its roof and doorframe.

Once the work is complete, it will then set to be used as a storage centre for the allotments.

The plot it stands on will no longer be made available for rent.

Anyone who has information about the building is asked to contact Mr Scott on 07715 406764