Car park plan aims to ease Northwold school jams

The Norman School Northwold
The Norman School Northwold
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An area of old allotment land could be turned into a car park if plans by community leaders are given the go-ahead.

Parish councillors in Northwold have made the proposal for the site off School Lane in a bid to tackle congestion around the village’s school.

And borough councillors have recommended the scheme is approved at a planning meeting on Monday, despite the concerns of county roads chiefs.

The parish council wants to provide 24 parking spaces on the land, around 100 metres from the school, which it says drivers would access via existing entry and exit points.

The authority said: “For many years now, there has been a significant parking problem in the vicinity around the Norman Primary School.

“Vehicles park in School Lane and Normandy Close, causing congestion and access issues and subsequent potential motor accidents and injury to both adults and children.”

The council said it regularly had complaints from nearby residents and was warned that an ambulance would not be able to get down there at peak times in an emergency.

But county Highways officials have objected, saying: “As far as can be determined from the submitted plans, the applicant does not appear to control sufficient land to provide and maintain adequate visibility at the site egress.

“The proposed development would therefore be detrimental to highway safety.”

Concerns have also been raised about security when the site is not being used.

But planners said they felt the arrangement would be “as safe” as the current situation.

They added: “The site has not been used as allotments for a considerable number of years. The proposal is therefore essentially seeking to change one community use to another.”