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Care company in King's Lynn and Downham Market confirms it won't make vaccines compulsory

“No jab, no job” is one of the latest UK debates as care companies decide whether to make staff vaccines compulsory.

NorseCare, a Council owned care company that has homes in Lynn and Downham, have said that they will not enforce mandatory vaccines.

This comes after an announcement by private care company Barchester, that operates in neighbouring Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Image of Hand holds Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine glass bottle.. (45701451)
Image of Hand holds Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine glass bottle.. (45701451)

Barchester care has given it's staff until April 23 to get the jab, with some exemptions such as pregnant women, or they may face losing their job.

A number of care providers including Barchester, Care UK and Advinia Healthcare have already taken the decision to make the Covid19 vaccine compulsory.

Health secretary, Matt Hancock said: “Legislation would need to be put in place to make it compulsory for all care workers.”

The Lynn News spoke to two leading care companies that serve the West Norfolk area to get their response to this debate, one that many feel is an “infringement on human rights”.

Martin Rix, Chief Operating Officer of NorseCare said:“Compulsory vaccination is not a policy we currently have in place within NorseCare, nor is it an approach we are considering adopting for our existing staff at this time.

“We would, however, actively encourage all of our staff to take up the opportunity of a vaccine.

“More than 1,500 of our staff members have had the first dose of the vaccine, and in addition, nearly 40 percent of those have had the second dose.

“We have been incredibly impressed with their commitment to keeping others safe. They are helping to protect some of the people most vulnerable to the effects of the virus.”

Kingsley healthcare, who own the Downham Grange have said: “Most of our staff have had the jab, but we are undecided on whether to make them compulsory.”

The public are divided on the issue.

One Facebook user said:"No way, you can keep that poison. It's my body.”

Another commented: "I can see why certain professions should have it."

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