Cats poisoned in Sutton Bridge

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No Caption ABCDE SUS-160411-154539003
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Pet owners are being asked to remain vigiliant after five cats have been poisoned in Sutton Bridge.

Terrington Veterinary Centre have treated five cats – including two from the same road – in the last week.

Three of the cats haven’t survived, while two still remain in a critical condition.

The vets believe people are maliciously targeting the cats with anti-freeze.

Clare O’Dwyer, head vet at the practise, said: “We’re advising people – especially in the Sutton Bridge area – to remain vigilant and, if possible, to keep their cats in at present.

“Last year, we had a few from Terrington St Clement brought in, but it’s the first time we’ve had anything like this in Sutton Bridge.

“Generally people do things with cats that aren’t very nice. They know this is something that can affect them, and they go ahead and do it.

“Several cats in the area have been affected, and we’ve had it before where people put lids down full of anti-freeze and the cats think it’s so tasty that they drink it.

“If it is people innocently topping up with anti-freeze we would advise them to take extra care and make sure that nothing is spilt.”

Miss O’Dwyer has warned about the dangers of anti-freeze and the affect it can have on cats.

“It’s horrible and if cats are exposed to it they become very lethargic and unco-ordinated.

“It causes crystals to form in their kidneys and they need to immediately be put on an alcohol drip.”

The latest two cats both came in from Railway Lane in the village.

“The blood results of the first three cats which came in were awful and there was nothing we could do for them,” said Miss O’Dwyer.

“Luckily, the owners of the latest two cases brought their cats in quite quickly and we have been able to do something for them.

“One of the two cats we have in our care is doing quite well and tried to eat something today, but the other one remains quite poorly and is still on a drip.”