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Choosing right name for your business is important step

Paul Gardner, of Nwes.
Paul Gardner, of Nwes.

We’re surrounded by business names. All day every day. But how do you choose yours?

As we live in a digital world, you’ll almost certainly need a domain name for your business website, and you’ll often use this verbally as well as visually when communicating it. Write down your preferred names as well as trying it out over the phone with a friend – can they spell and hear it correctly? Kool Klothing sounds fab – but will your customers try and spell it with a “C”? Is that the name of your competitor?

Once you have a shortlist, check the domain name is also available – there are plenty of domain registration sites online, most of which have a free search facility. It might be worth buying the popular domain extensions such as .com and .co.uk even if you don’t use them straight away.

You’ll need to add emails to your domain, but think again what they will look and sound like. Using info@ as an email alias is a popular choice – but it’s easy to guess so it can pick up a lot of spam or sales emails.

As a sole trader, you can normally trade under your own name or a business name you choose. As a limited company, you’ll need to register either through a specialist formation company, or directly with Companies House online.

Be futureproof with your name choice. Does it do what it says on the tin? AAA Fencing Services doesn’t easily accommodate diversifying into patios or tree surgery – AAA Garden Services does.

Don’t try and replicate well-known names either. Not only can you run into a bunch of legal problems, but you automatically link their reputation to yours and that’s something you can’t control – good or bad! Whatever name you decide, the team at Nwes can support you as you start or grow your business with business advice, workshops, access to finance, and workspace. For free business advice, call Nwes on 0845 609 9991, info@nwes.org.uk or visit.www.nwes.org.uk

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