Coming to a verge near you in West Norfolk

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West Norfolk Council has purchased five Ransomes Parkway Meteor flail mowers to maintain Lynn, Downham, Hunstanton and the surrounding coastal areas.

The council has implemented a new grass cutting regime, which now sees the borough’s green spaces being cut six to 12 times per season.

With a total of 650 acres to maintain, the council chose to purchase the Ransomes Parkway Meteor flail mowers to increase productivity whilst maintaining a high-quality finish.

Chris Durham, operations manager at West Norfolk Council, said: “One meteor machine will maintain an area of 82 acres, which is quite a considerable distance.

“The council is trying to be more efficient and economical, which has been achieved by decreasing the number of machines, but increasing their productivity.”

Operations assistant Steve Appleton added: “The flail mowers are doing a great job for the council.

“They’re able to plough through anything in front of them in a way which I personally haven’t seen with any other machine.

“The overall feedback from the operators has also been very positive.”