Construction piles drives a 40 per cent loss for Hunstanton trader

Daniel (left) and Kevan (Kevan) Fleming on the terrace of Cafe Legge overlooking the building site
Daniel (left) and Kevan (Kevan) Fleming on the terrace of Cafe Legge overlooking the building site
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A Hunstanton cafe owner has blamed a 40 per cent loss in trade on pile driving work at a nearby building site.

Kevan Fleming says the “intense vibrations” from the McCarthy and Stone site have driven customers away from his normally popular terrace at Cafe Legge during the height of the summer season.

The developer is building the Hamon Court retirement village in St Edmund’s Terrace after receiving approval from a Government planning inspector in October last year.

But last week Mr Fleming’s son Daniel tweeted the Lynn News a video of the empty terrace while the pile driving work was on going.

Mr Fleming has asked why the work could not have waited until September.

He said: “Our terrace is in the sun all day long and that is our selling point, but it has been empty.

“The noise has been so intense that you cannot hear yourself in your own premises.

“I understand that the construction has to be done but the summer season is a short one and is a highlight for the town.

“The site has been a mess for sometime and covered in fencing, but now someone is developing that.

“But the ideal time to do this intense work would have been after the six weeks’ holiday.”

He says the terrace’s trade has been down by 40 per cent in one week.

A statement from the company said the piling is due to finish at the end of this week before the 10 to 12 week ground works phase starts.

It says: “The total duration of build is expected to last until August 2016 and, as such, work throughout the summer holiday period could not be avoided.

“However, we are doing all we can to limit disruption to both the public and businesses.”

The firm said Hamon Court will have an impact on local firms when completed and do not intend to provide compensation.