Consultation launched on new no drinking zone proposals in West Norfolk

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Proposals to extend a no-drinking zone in Lynn, in an effort to combat anti-social behaviour, have been published.

A public consultation has been launched on the planned new public space protection order for the town, which includes 12 new sites not covered by current restrictions.

Custom House on Purfleet Quay, King's Lynn

Custom House on Purfleet Quay, King's Lynn

Similar documents have also been prepared for Downham and Hunstanton, to replace the existing designated public space orders, which expire this autumn following the introduction of new legislation.

The orders are intended to stop people from drinking alcohol, or carrying open containers of alcohol within specified restricted areas.

The planned new order for Lynn contains 12 extra locations which borough council officials say are affected by “known alcohol related disorder.”

The locations are the Kettlewell Lane Park and Loke Road play park, the South Plain play park, the Boal Quay car parks, Purfleet Quay, Trenowaths Place, Ferry Street, Common Staithe Quay, Water Lane, Page Stair Lane, St Anne’s Street, North Street and John Kennedy Road from North Street to Austin Street and Pilot Street.

Ian Devereux, the borough council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “We feel that alcohol-related activity can have a detrimental effect on the quality of people’s lives in areas where it takes place.

“As such we wanted to make sure we kept in place some mechanism that means people who are drinking and causing alcohol-related anti-social behaviour in those areas could be asked to stop drinking or surrender their drinks.

“We have made some amendments to the existing arrangements and are seeking people’s views on these changes.”

Temporary chief inspector Edward Brown, of Lynn police, added: “The police and council receive several reports each day of anti-social street drinking. It is something which clearly matters to the community.

“People don’t like seeing groups gathered in public spaces drinking alcohol especially if those people are heavily intoxicated, which is often the case.

“The community doesn’t want to see the evidence of street drinking, litter and urination in our public spaces as well as general rowdiness.

“These powers will enable us to tackle these problems more effectively in partnership with the borough council.”

The proposed orders for Downham and Hunstanton also contain amendments, which the authority says are intended to take account of planned new housing developments in the two towns.

Full details of the orders can be found on the council website, The consultation ends on July 4.

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