Consultation opens on West Norfolk development sites

Councillor Richard Blunt. Photo: King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council ANL-161017-150237001
Councillor Richard Blunt. Photo: King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council ANL-161017-150237001

Developers, landowners and agents are being called on to suggest new sites for development in the borough up to 2036.

It comes as a review of West Norfolk Council’s recently-adopted Local Plan started yesterday.

Councillor Richard Blunt, cabinet member for development, said: “The planning inspector requested that we undertake an immediate review of our Local Plan to ensure that we had a five-year land supply up to 2036.

“This involves two strands of work. One is to assess housing need, which is currently taking place. The other is to identify the availability of land that has not yet been earmarked for development under the existing plan.

“This is a real opportunity for those who put sites forward before that weren’t included, to put them forward again for consideration. These can be for any kind of development – from housing, through to community or commercial uses.”

The public consultation, which started yesterday and will run until Monday, November 28, is available on the council’s website at

At this time, any sites can be forwarded and will be considered against the Housing and Economic Land Availability methodology, which has been consulted on and agreed by all Norfolk authorities.

As part of the consultation, there is also an opportunity for anyone to make suggestions for areas that should have special policy treatment or suggestions for specific policies, such as policies for custom and self-build properties, or heritage, tourism or culture policies.

Once the consultation closes, further assessments of the sites will be completed.

Preferred sites and reasonable alternatives will be identified and a further consultation on those sites will then take place.

Once adopted, the plan will allocate sites for development, apply policies to meet local needs, and guide development in the borough up to 2036.

You can submit sites for a variety of uses including: residential housing, employment, retail and business uses, community facilities, as well as other types of development.

To take part in the consultation, visit

Anyone wishing to put forward a site for development will need to include an OS map when they submit the online form.