Council vows to act against King’s Lynn rubbish dumpers

Some of the rubbish being left by residents and not collected in North End, Lynn.
Some of the rubbish being left by residents and not collected in North End, Lynn.
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Council chiefs have promised stronger action to help bring an end to rubbish problems blighting the back streets of North Lynn once and for all.

The vow comes amid concerns that waste has been left to pile up in alleyways at the back of people’s homes in the North End area for nearly a month, creating an eyesore and magnet for flies and rats.

West Norfolk Council is looking into taking formal enforcement action against residents responsible, after the outcome of efforts to tackle the issue last year were shortlived.

A few months ago residents in Sir Lewis Street and Cresswell Street received instructions to put their rubbish outside the front of their properties for collection, rather than in the alleyway behind.

Officials raised their presence in the area and looked through bags still being dumped in the alleyway for names and addresses as evidence of where it had come from.

But Francis Bone, who runs the Gravy Boat, in Loke Road, which runs adjacent to the alleyway, said the measures are no longer working and waste is being left to fester.

“The situation did improve for a while as the council was going through the bin bags to secure evidence of where the rubbish came from, with a view of prosecuting the culprits.

“There’s never been any prosecutions though. I think if it carried through the threat and made an example of the culprits the situation would improve.”

He also said advice posted to homes individually on where to leave rubbish for collection was not effective due to the high turnover of tenants in the area.

“The information is disregarded when the previous tenants move away,” he said. “It needs to be made more visible and put in a permanent location, like a sign.”

Yesterday morning Lubra Anton, who runs the Golden Grill next door, cleared other people’s rubbish from the rear of her food outlet and put it in Loke Road ready for the morning’s collection, before Mr Bone bleach-cleaned the alley.

He even persuaded one of the residents responsible to move their rubbish bag himself – only for it to be left behind by the bin ben.

“I got him to move it but it was left behind, leaving his bottles and waste strewn all over the street in front of our establishements,” he said.

Mrs Anton is also angry about the rubbish as she lives above her shop with her two children, and the waste means they can’t go in the alleyway to play.

Councillor Brian Long, the council’s cabinet member for environment, said: “ We will investigate this latest report of rubbish in the alleyways and see what the best course of action will be.

“Over recent months we have been providing information and advice to residents about how to dispose of the waste correctly and have encouraged them to put waste at the front of the property. We are now looking into more formal enforcement action against persistent offenders.

“To help us we would urge people to continue reporting problems to us so that we can gather evidence and take the appropriate action.”