Councillor pleads for crossing after West Lynn collision

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A campaign has been launched to install a crossing on a busy road in West Lynn after a pedestrian was injured in a collision there last week.

The incident happened on Clenchwarton Road, West Lynn, opposite the Poppyfields housing estate, last Monday. The pedestrian was taken to hospital with a foot injury.

And the village’s county councillor, Alexandra Kemp, yesterday called for an urgent site meeting with Norfolk County Council chiefs to discuss the issue with her and local residents.

She wants roads officials to make the area an immediate priority for improvement works to take place.

Miss Kemp said the estate was “isolated” from the rest of the village by Clenchwarton Road, the old A17, which children who live on the estate have to cross in order to get to the village primary school on St Peter’s Road, or to catch the bus to secondary schools or the college.

She said: “Even with the 30 miles per hour limit, with the bends in the road, it’s not safe.”

Miss Kemp plans to launch a petition calling for a crossing to be installed this weekend.

She said another child had been injured in a collision on the road around five years ago and is asking police for full accident records.

She added: “Poppyfields was built as an estate for young families. There is an acknowledged need for a crossing on this main artery.

“Poppyfields should never have been built without the developer being obliged to pay for a crossing to link the estate with the village.”