Councillors raise trade concern over eight-week Hunstanton road closure

Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Councillors ENGANL00120130214162659
Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Councillors ENGANL00120130214162659
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A Hunstanton road is set to be closed for up to eight weeks to enable sewer works connected to a new housing development to take place.

Work began on the project in St Edmunds Terrace, which will see the road partially closed throughout the entire period, on Monday.

But questions were raised about the potential impact of the move on local businesses and tourist attractions during a meeting of the town council last Friday.

Paul Beal, one of the resort’s West Norfolk Council representatives, told the meeting the timing of the works had only been finalised on the approval of Anglian Water officials.

He said: “Anglian Water changed their minds.”

He said he had attended discussions with the firm where he became “quite heated” about the issue, because of his concerns about the potential implications for his business and other town traders.

Town, borough and county councillor Richard Bird was unhappy that he had not been notified of the meeting with Anglian Water before it took place.

And Carol Bower said she had heard of the talks through talking to people around the town, adding: “That’s how I found out, not because I’m in power.”

But Mr Bird insisted that, as it was “in charge”, the borough council should have taken greater responsibility.

He said: “Finding out through rumour and talking to people is not what I want to hear. I want the borough council to say go on and sort that out.”

The work is taking place to improve the sewerage network around a new retirement housing complex, which is being developed by McCarthy and Stone.

But Wendy Croucher also asked whether the wider viability of the town’s sewerage system had been properly assessed, pointing out there had been several problems in her area.

Mr Beal said he was also concerned about the developer’s use of part of the car park at the back of the Princess Theatre during the building work.

An agreement was reached with the borough council last year for part of the car park to be set aside for McCarthy and Stone’s use during the development.

But Mr Beal said the site had been left in a “deplorable” state because of the lorries using it and an access bar had been damaged.