King’s Lynn man breaches restraining order

Court news.
Court news.

A 54-year-old man from Lynn has admitted breaching a restraining order preventing him from going to his father’s address.

Guy Perry, of Dodmans Close, pleaded guilty to the breach which happened on Thursday, July 21 after the order was imposed on Thursday, June 2.

Fergus Harold, prosecuting, said that the restraining order was imposed to prevent the defendant from going to his father’s address as he could be “extremely difficult” when he has been drinking.

The court heard that police officers found Perry at the address on July 21 but had been let in the property by his father two days prior to this to let him dry his clothes.

Mr Harold suggested that Perry had out-stayed his welcome: “He was allowed in to dry his clothes but no more.”

Magistrates were told that Perry’s father has memory issues as well as a heart problem and is regularly on oxygen, but despite this, the defendant would smoke inside his father’s property.

Mr Harold added: “Mr Perry claimed he had been asked to look after the house while his father was at hospital but his father has a carer three times a day, so Mr Perry does not need to be there.”

Jakki Upton, mitigating, said: “It’s quite a sad case really, he lived with his father after his marriage broke down but then his relationship with his father broke down as a direct result of his drinking.

“He’s worried about his dad as he has been seriously ill, and he says ‘I want to look after him’ but the drink gets the better of him.”

The court heard that the majority of Perry’s previous convictions since 2010 were for being ‘drunk on a highway’, and said: “There’s no really serious offending.”

Ms Upton added: “He is doing everything possible in terms of trying to sort out his alcohol problems.”

Presiding magistrate Stuart Hall said: “You breached the restraining order within six weeks of it being put in place. We are mystified why you had to go there to dry out.”

Magistrates handed Perry a £50 fine, a £30 victim surcharge and extended the restraining order, which would originally have ended in December, until June of next year.

Mr Hall said: “You do not go to his house – it’s his little castle and he doesn’t want you round there making a nuisance.”