Sutton Bridge man drove under influence of cocktail of drugs

Court news.
Court news.
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A 26-year-old man has admitted drug-driving in Lynn under the influence of four different drugs.

James Wayman, from Sutton Bridge, pleaded guilty to the charges, as well as one count of possession of a class A drug.

The court heard that on July 2 Wayman was found to have 668mcg of ketamine in his blood (the legal limit is 20mcg); 56mcg of cocaine (legal limit is 10mcg); 586mcg of benzoylecgonine (limit is 50 mcg); 1,000mcg of norketamine (related to ketamine) and was found to be in possesssion of 1.04g of cocaine.

Fergus Harold, prosecuting, said these were extremely high levels, and that Wayman had three previous convictions.

A probation officer who completed Wayman’s report said that he had historically used drugs on a recreational basis, but in the past this was on a greater basis than he does at this point in time.

The court was told that Wayman was on holiday from work and had gone to visit some friends in the Lynn area, and took the opportunity, as he was on leave from work to partake in taking drugs.

The officer added that Wayman currently resides with his parents who are not happy with his life choices but are supportive with him in addressing these issues.

Magistrates were told that Wayman works as a HGV driver, and has worked for his employer since he left school at 16, during which time the company paid to train him for the HGV licence.

The officer said: “This shows the level of respect they have for him and he hopes to go back to work. He knows that he needs to address these issues.”

Magistrates handed him an 18-month driving disqualification, a 12-month community order, a £350 fine for drug possession, a victim surcharge of £85 and prosecution costs of £85.