Swaffham woman stole £200 worth of beauty products

Court news.
Court news.

A 29-year-old woman who stole nearly £200 worth of beauty products kept them for personal use, Lynn’s Magistrates’ Court has heard.

Kirsty Smith, from Swaffham, pleaded guilty to stealing items including shamppoos, make-up and hair spray from the Boots store in the town on five occasions between March and June this year.

The court heard that all of the thefts were caught on the store’s CCTV, and that staff had become familiar with her appearance.

A staff member at Boots was able to identify the defendant from the CCTV in June, after which Smith was arrested for questioning.

Fergus Harold, prosecuting, said that in a police interview, Smith originally denied knowledge, but then she was told she was on CCTV and she made full admissions to the thefts.

Alison Muir, mitigating, said that, as Smith had not had a conviction since 2009, this sudden flurry of thefts indicated a problem.

She added: “The defendant had been in a relationship for 14 years, but while she was pregnant with their second child, her partner left her for someone else. She lost her self-esteem and took the cosmetic products to make herself feel better.”

Ms Muir said that, whilst the future was beginning to look better as the father had started to pay maintenance, there had been a gap without any money or contact from him, and Smith had felt low.

She added that these offences had a detrimental effect on the defendant’s relationship with her mother, and she had felt she had been a bad role model.

The court was told that she has just found herself a new relationship and is hoping to put this horrible episode behind her.

Ms Muir said that Smith has a very young baby at home, and that the baby’s father works full-time, meaning that a community order would be difficult for her to complete.

Smith was handed a two-year conditional discharge, and was ordered to pay full compensation to Boots for the items which were taken, a £15 victim surcharge and £45 in costs.

In sentencing, presiding magistrate David Foreman told the defendant to “stay out of trouble”.