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Long Sutton dad Simon Cobb adds signs to van to promote PAPA (People Against Parental Alienation) campaign

A dad who is behind calls for equal parenting rights when couples split so children can continue to have proper contact with both parents has added a new prong to his campaign.

Simon Cobb, from Long Sutton, who launched PAPA (People Against Parental Alienation) Equal Parenting Campaign just before lockdown, has bought a van and had it covered in campaign information to help promote resources available to parents who need support.

Simon, who wants to see changes to a system, which he claims often allows children to be used for monetary gain and in some instances, he says, even extortion, launched the PAPA website last year.

Simon Cobb has added signage to his van to help promote his equal parenting campaign - PAPA.
Simon Cobb has added signage to his van to help promote his equal parenting campaign - PAPA.

It is a free-to-use support community forum which also has useful articles. There will also soon be free family court resources added.

It is hoped that the van will get the message of both his campaign and the resources that are available to parents who are facing a fight to see their children out there.

Simon, who is also working on adding mental health support resources to the website, said: “My mission is to make all resources completely free and accessible to everyone in the local community and beyond.

“I never have and never will take a penny for my work on this matter because I believe no parent should have to pay to see their children and should only pay to support them.

“I believe every child has a right to a loving relationship with either parent and so it’s my goal to make that as easy as possible for every parent and child. I’m doing this by providing support and information as well as raising awareness.

“Christmas can especially be a very tough time for those missing their children so I know a story like this will help those suffering.”

Simon has a nine-year-old son Arlo, who he said he had to fight to have equal access to after he and his partner split.

He said: "The situation was really bad for six or seven months, but I was determined to have a proper relationship with my son.

"But the problem is at the moment it is almost always automatically assumed the mother should have full custody of any children.

"I know it is not just fathers who suffer, I know there are some mothers who face the same issues, so PAPA is an inclusive campaign and is fighting for equal rights for all parents, there should automatically be 50/50 shared custody when a family splits.

“Children should not be bargaining tools. Good and loving parents should not have to pay to see their children.”

Simon added: "I'm lucky I have managed to attain a 50/50 arrangement with my son. But just because I have a brilliant relationship with my son, it does not mean that the fire doesn't still burn inside me to keep going so that all parents have that too.”

You can find out more about Simon’s campaign and find useful information on the PAPA website or you can also visit the PAPA Facebook page.

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