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Vehicle travelled through three red lights during car meet in King's Lynn, says Norfolk Police

A dangerous driver travelled through three red lights during an organised car meet in Lynn at the weekend.

However, police have said that those involved dispersed “with very little issues” as a whole when ordered to by officers.

The travelling meet had taken up a spot at the Hardwick Industrial Estate on Sunday after entering Norfolk at around 6.30pm. It had originated in Skegness before moving to Cambridge.

The car meet took place at Lynn's Hardwick Industrial Estate. Picture: Google Maps
The car meet took place at Lynn's Hardwick Industrial Estate. Picture: Google Maps

Police spoke to a number of drivers who had entered the retail park and explained there was a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in place.

A PSPO prohibits people from doing certain things in a specified area and allows officers to safely disperse a group of people who may be causing disruption in a community. They are actively used as a tool of Operation Octane, which is a targeted approach designed to tackle vehicle related anti-social behaviour.

Three offences were recorded during the event – including a Traffic Offence Report for excessive use of a horn, an individual obstructing police after providing false details, and an incident of dangerous driving after a vehicle travelled through three red lights.

However, a Norfolk Police spokesperson said: “Officers positively engaged with drivers who were present and the group dispersed with very little issues.”

The PSPO covers vehicle related anti-social behaviour and places restrictions on particular activities. These include:

- Driving at excessive speed

- Sudden and/or repeated acceleration and deceleration

- Street racing

- Stunts (including, but not limited to, doughnutting, handbrake turns, drifting, and burnouts)

- Continuous engine revving while stationary

- Unnecessary use of the horn

- Amplified music

- Littering from a vehicle

- Threatening, abusive or intimidating language or behaviour associated with vehicle use

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