Demands for upgrades after report on Hunstanton

VISITORS GUIDE - the town sign on the green, Hunstanton.
VISITORS GUIDE - the town sign on the green, Hunstanton.

Calls to improve transport connections to Hunstanton have been made after a report on the prosperity of the town was revealed this week.

Richard Bird, who represents Hunstanton on West Norfolk Council, told a meeting of the council’s cabinet on Tuesday that he would like to see better travel links “other than using the A149”.

It came as the cabinet discussed a report on the prosperity of Hunstanton and heard of preparations for the Hunstanton Economic Plan.

Mr Bird said: “The coastal path is being opened up but I see an opportunity for a cycle route to be created going on to Hunstanton. This has to be supported by the borough council.

“Other things which the town would benefit from would be improved buses and walkways.”

The councillor also told the cabinet of the improvements he would like to see relating to education, facilities and the town’s boundary.

He said: “Hunstanton has all the facilities you would expect from a market town.

“It is not in the remit of this council but I would like to see the reopening of the existing sixth form in Smithdon.”

Mr Bird said that funds from housing schemes in the area were being given to the other institutions and asked if some of that could be brought back and given to Smithdon.

“This is taking youngsters into Lynn but then bringing them back afterwards to work along the coast.

“We have a definite shortage of conference centres and sport centres and we need to get them on board.

“Hunstanton is already up to its boundaries in terms of growth, I would encourage those boundaries to be moved.”

In reply to his queries, Mr Bird was told that reopening Smithdon Sixth Form would be a decision for the governor’s trustees.

Council leader Brian Long said: “There is no reason to stop you as a councillor from raising this with the trustees.”

He was told moving boundaries was not on the agenda and had previously “caused rows”.