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‘Dentists have stolen my smile’ claims King’s Lynn woman

Camilla King
Camilla King

A woman who wears a mask in public to disguise her teeth is pleading for a specialist to step in and restore her smile.

Camilla King, of South Lynn, says she is contacting lawyers following dentist visits which left her in agony and unable to eat solid foods.

She claims her dentist, who she has been seeing for almost four years, has completely destroyed her smile after using conventional practices on her despite her asking him not to.

Camilla said she underwent jaw surgery some 30 years ago, which was a success, but after speaking to a lab technician about her pain, she deduced conventional practices were the cause of her many of her issues.

Following years of dentist visits, Camilla came across one who “promised not to use conventional practices on her” in an effort to solve her problems and restore her smile, but says “he did not keep to his promise”.

She said: “Conventional practices twist my jaw and cause me excruciating pain, and he was fully aware of this right at the beginning.

“He told me he would not use those practices on me, however several months into the treatment he chose to. He didn’t have too, he chose to because that was all he knew.”

Camilla says her jaw began to worsen following her treatment and due to her dentist’s “numerous failed attempts to make overdentures” she believes her upper right teeth are now permanently displaced.

“We have spent the last two years trying to stabilise my good side, which was my right side, by putting temporary cement on the two bottom right teeth he filed down on my second visit,” said Camilla.

“This shot my bottom jaw over to the left and actually harnessed me into the conventional practice position that I told him causes me excoriating pain. It is like being tortured.

“All he has done for the past two years or so is put temporary cement on those two teeth he filed down which falls off almost every week.

“I have been known to visit him three times in a week to have them re-cemented. My jaw is in such a traumatic state and I am in a very frustrated state, going round and round in circles and getting nowhere.

“Common sense tells you what the man is doing isn’t working, but he is keen on doing the same thing over and over again.

“I get some relief for short periods of time when the cement is put on and then I am in excruciating pain again when the cement falls off and my bottom jaw is dragged over to the left.

“I have had to watch my face deteriorate over the years and he have seen what the pain alone is doing to me. What he has done and is putting me through is inhumane.

“I cannot believe that since my jaw surgery when I was 29 to this point in my life at 58, I have hardly had any front and upper teeth for more than mere months at a time.”

She has lodged a number of complaints against treatments she has received, and is now hoping a dentist, who has undergone advanced training, will come forward and help her to regain her smile.

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