Dersingham woman’s holistic cure for cancer

Sandra Winner and family ANL-160113-153323001
Sandra Winner and family ANL-160113-153323001
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A florist from Dersingham who has been fighting cancer with holistic treatement is alive and well after six years.

Sandra Winner, 67, was diagnosd six years ago with breast cancer.

She was told by doctors there were two options if she wanted to live past the two year mark. To undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy or to have the tumour surgically removed.

Sandra has always had adverse reactions to traditional medicines.

In the 1980s she was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and upon realising that she was allergic to conventional medicines such as antibiotics and painkillers, she decided to see a holistic specialist in London.

A few months, and after several injections of snake bite venom later, the cancer had disappeared.

Sandra’s daughter, Sarah Peck, said: “When mum was diagnosed with breast cancer the doctors were very direct with her.

“They said without the traditional treatments she would have less than two years to live. Given mum’s history she was wary of undergoing these treatments and said she wanted to try the holistic way.

“The doctors basically deserted us after that. Her reply was that she would be back to shake their hand in two and a half years. That was six years ago.”

Sandra and her family discovered the NHS does not fund holistic treatment, as there is not enough evidence and positive research supporting its function. Because of this Sandra has had to fund her treatment personally.

Mrs Peck has set up a GoFundMe fundraising page to raise support and give back to her mother the love and encouragement she has given to so many.

“Mum used to run the local flower shop in town. She has such a good relationship with the community and with everyone who knows her,” said Mrs Peck.

“She’s got this energy, I don’t know where she gets it, but to the unknown person you wouldn’t think there is anything wrong with her.”

When Mrs Peck heard her mother’s rent was increasing and that she was worried about finding the funds to continue treatment, she thought, “Mum has fought for this with every ounce she has, she shouldn’t have to choose now.”

The thought of using GoFundMe never occurred to Sarah until a long-time friend suggested it. Sarah was surprised, but after thinking it over agreed that it would be a good idea to help her mother.

“I thought, mum tirelessly fund raises for different charities from Cancer Research to Great Ormand Street, she has even raised money for a local family to pay for a headstone for their young daughter. Mum has done so much for others without hesitation, I wanted to be able to give something back to her. We’re not saying people have to help, but the option is there if they want to,” said Mrs Peck.

On the first day, when hearing that they had raised £80.00, Sandra burst into tears. She has been overwhelmed by the lovely messages and support that have come pouring in from strangers and the community.

GoFundMe spokesperson Kelsea Little said: “Sandra’s story is an excellent example of the way GoFundMe can unite communities and raise support for loved ones. We are touched by the efforts of the Dersingham community, and are happy to provide a platform that allows families in need to receive help.”

It is a huge relief to Sandra to be able to continue to carry out treatment, but most importantly she wants to use her GoFundMe campaign to spread the word about holistic treatment.

“We have had other family members undergo conventional cancer treatments and I am convinced mum would not be here now if she had taken the same route,” said Mrs Peck.

Through her GoFundMe campaign, Sandra hopes to stress the importance of considering alternative remedies and to make others aware that there are additional options out there.

“Not everyone has to go down the invasive route, there are other remedies that can prolong your life,” said Mrs Winner.

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