Discount for bus travellers to King’s Lynn and Hunstanton

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Norfolk Green is offering more discounts to customers following on from its inclusion in a Lynn scheme, so shoppers visiting Lynn and Hunstanton will be able to save money on bus travel.

It joined the Vancouver Quarter discount card scheme in October and offered cardholders a ten per cent discount on its 10, 11 and Coasthopper 1 buses when heading into Lynn for late-night shopping events before Christmas.

Now it has announced a Top Ten loyalty scheme which will offer a 10 per cent discount every day for a year on the 10, 11 and Coasthopper 1. It has a £10 annual membership fee – but up until February 9, it is free. In addition to the discount, members can buy a one-off weekly ticket on the 10 and 11 services for £10, saving up to £19.50 on services, which include Dersingham and Heacham.