Disrupted bus service prompts company to ask Shouldham residents to be ‘more considerate’

Lynx bus company in king's Lynn
Lynx bus company in king's Lynn

A West Norfolk bus company is asking residents in Shouldham to be more considerate with their parking after bus services in the village were disrupted on Tuesday.

Lynx buses were not able to get down Westgate Street in the afternoon as parked cars were obstructing the road.

A tweet on the Lynx Bus account at 2pm said: “We are unable to serve Westgate Street, Shouldham due to inconsiderate parking, we may not be able to serve for the rest of the day.”

A spokeswoman for Lynx said: “We would ask people to be more considerate with their parking.

“If you want the service, we need to be able to get the buses through.”

She said a driver had to reverse the vehicle down Westgate Street on Tuesday as it was too tight for it to get through.

It was expected that a further six services between Lynn and Shouldham were likely to be disrupted on Tuesday due to the obstructions.