District News, April 3, 2015

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Parish Council - Chairman, A McAdam, led the meeting of Wormegay Parish Council held in the Mission Room. Three members of the public and guest, Peter Wilkinson, from the National Association of Councillors, were present.

The chairman introduced Mr Wilkinson who thanked the council for embracing its membership with NALC. He talked about the amount of help available from NALC Human Resources and legal advice. He also reported on their funding from memberships as they are a non-profitable organisation. Also reported was their commitment to take on any other training that is not available should anyone have any suggested items not covered; and he said that ‘cafe meets’ ‘ had been resumed so that councillors and clerks could discuss issues.

Mr Wilkinson also explained the benefits from training and seminars.

The chairman stated he has the village gates and posts lying in his driveway - a situation he does not want to continue. He asked the councillors to agree to get them installed in the next two weeks. As the parish has no handyman it was agreed to select a contractor to do this work.

The dog fouling was said to be becoming a problem, especially with the increase in dogs owned by villagers, The dog poo is being deposited in the bin on the village green. Although the former handyman used to put bin bags in this bin, it was pointed out that this is not the correct use for it. It was suggested to change the bin to a dog waste bin.

The chairman said that his daughter had brought to his attention the possibility of a bus shelter being put up on the A134, as when lorries pass and it has been raining, people waiting for buses are getting soaked. Whether there would be room available was discussed. The chairman had been informed by Highways that grants are available and Helen Martin is the NCC contact for further advice.

Election papers were handed out to all councillors present.

Vice-chair Sue Read, Councillor Gwen Reddington and clerk Tina Wright had been on Speedwatch on a very cold day in January at Hill Estate, where several vehicles had been going over the speed limit, but were not fast enough to be reported.

The team said that a lorry driver had stopped to speak to them, and although initially they were worried he was antagonistic towards the monitoring, he seemed to be supportive when he drove off after a chat.

The chairman, A McAdam, Councillor Nick Malby and clerk Tina Wright went back to Hill Estate in February, and this time two cars were going above the monitoring limit and had been reported back to the administrator for the Norfolk Speedwatch Scheme.

The site on the Hill Estate is on a straight stretch of road near the start of the 30mph limit,so it is an easy place to speed. It is also near the playing field and the end of the pavement, so it is also an area where there may be particularly vulnerable pedestrians, so it is a site worth monitoring.

Sue Read reported the council minutes and agendas were now being added to the website. A five-year parish plan was also suggested to be added.

Sue Read reported that a long standing teaching assistant has left the school and a teacher had also left following a period of illness. A new teacher will be starting after Easter.

A suggestion was made to change the venue of the parish council meetings from the Mission Room to Wormegay and Tottenhill Village Hall.It was felt that more people may attend as there would be toilet and refreshment facilities.

There was a reminder that the annual parish meeting will be held in the village hall on April 14 at 7pm.The guest speaker will be from the beekeeping group.

Mud and gravel left by tractors on the road at the little bridge and the Cross Hill was reported.

Park Farm is putting up signs on the fields beside the Church Road saying ‘private, no public right of way’ and ‘no entry’ because people have been walking dogs over the grass fields. Because of the condition of Church Road and Petticoat Lane, it is impossible to walk down Petticoat Lane to Clickety Bridge, which is a public bridleway. The council felt that if the farm wishes villagers to stay on the public roads they should be kept in good condition.

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Youth Club – The Methodist C.A.T.S. youth club held a Comic Relief night. They made nests from shredded wheat and chocolate with chocolate eggs inside. The young people had great fun decorating the leaders’ faces. With sponsor money and donations, £70 was sent to the charity.

The Easter coffee morning with hot cross buns stalls and a raffle raised £330.60.

The club thanks everyone who helped in any way.

Women’s Club – At the first of the March meetings, members played games of Pointless.

Sylvia Rumsey and Rita Day asked the questions and the winning team consisted of Averil, Margaret, Pam, Beryl, Judith and Maureen.

At the next meeting, chairman Mavis Beckett, welcomed members and also local resident Bryan Howling who gave an illustrated talk about the twinning of Lynn with Emmerich in Germany.

He said that in 1974, Eddie Edgley had pursued the idea of twinning with a German town to further friendship and understanding between different cultures and former foes to promote peace and reconciliation.

In 1978, the borough mayor Frank Cork, signed the charter putting the twinning into effect.

Bryan, who has been actively involved in the organisation for 36 years, brought Emmerich and its surrounding area to life with contrasting views of war damage and rebuilt towns.

He outlined the changes in the methods of transport they have used to go to and fro over the years and talked about special friends he has made. He also said that several organisations including schools, the police and the Male Voice Choir have formed their own twinning links as a result.

Bryan was thanked by Pam Bullock.

After refreshments there was a quiz based on the names of trees. It was organised by Pauline Garrett and winners were Carol Blackett and Carol Pollendine.

Members were reminded that their next meeting would feature crafts with Carol Blackett.