Do you recognise these prefects at Lynn’s Ald Catleugh School in 1963?

Prefects at the former Ald Catleugh School in Lynn, pictured in 1963
Prefects at the former Ald Catleugh School in Lynn, pictured in 1963

This photograph of prefects at Lynn’s Ald Catleugh School in 1963 has winged its way electronically from Australia, courtesy of Fiona Childs (née Lawson), and sent on to us by Michael Walker.

Fiona, of East Victoria Park, which is a suburb of Perth, says that at the time she had been put up to the A form in order to be a prefect. She cannot put names to all the faces and hopes our readers can help.

Back row from left, June Roberts, Stephanie Jarrett, Valerie Chilvers, ??, Susan Brett, ??, Ann Frankham;

Front row from left, Fiona Lawson, ??, Sue Mansell, ??, Carol Simpson.

If you can supply the missing names, please email to or call on 01553 817323 and the information will be passed on to Mr Walker … and to Fiona.

In the Lynn News on Friday, March 11, we featured two Ald Catleugh pictures. Chris Napthan (née Hardwick) recalls several girls in the larger group and writes: “I am catching up and reading old Lynn News’ and was happy to see a picture of my old school. I left Ald Catleugh in (I think) 1966, so I’m thinking the photo was not in that year but a tad earlier.

“Looking at the picture the third lass from the left, with the wide cookery headband and, I think, a cookery apron made in our sewing classes on site, is Jacqueline (then Spitz) and the person not next to her but the next one (last one standing in that little group) was a very, very sporty young person who went on to enjoy more sport, Margaret James.

“The youngster sitting right at the front has a familar face to me and can only think of the name Christine (then Sutton) but I’m not sure on that one.

“I do hope that has helped – alas I was shy and didn’t get my picture taken often.”

Sandra Collins (née Herring) writes: “I recognise five students in the group from Alderman Catleugh School photo shown in the Lynn News on Friday, March 25.

“ On the front row second from left is Janet Bone, next but one is Sharon Abbs, second row second from left is Linda Burke, back row second from right is Darrel Bland.

“These students were in my class and I believe the year was 1960. June Lemon is in the middle row second from right and was two years older. It is obviously a mixed age group of a sports event.”

Lesley Alflatt writes: “I think the picture was from the early 1960s and the girl third from the right on the middle row was Vivian Alflatt who sadly died about six years ago. She was my husband’s sister.”