Docking man’s second book for hospital funds in wife’s memory

Gavin English raising funds for QEH cancer care in memory of wife Frances ANL-150315-083614009
Gavin English raising funds for QEH cancer care in memory of wife Frances ANL-150315-083614009

A man from Docking has written a second book to further raise hospital funds in his wife’s memory.

Gavin English, 79, has released a sequel to his 2015-publication ‘The Last Waltz’ – an autobiographical story about his and his wife’s lives.

He hopes his new book ‘The Last Waltz – The Sequel: Three Years On’ will further his fundraising efforts for the Cancer Care and Treatment Centre at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

This will add to his impressive total of £25,000 which he has single-handedly raised since November 2013.

Mr English’s wife Frances died from cancer in September that year, and was treated at the unit in Lynn.

In his new book, he says: “Her last wish was for me to raise money for the Cancer Care and Treatment Unit, the place where she made so many friends who looked after her so wonderfully well.”

Despite his debut being read by some 8,000 people worldwide, Mr English said: “I never ever dreamt that I would attempt to write another book”.

While the original publication detailed his 56 years with Frances, the sequel explains how he has managed in the three years since her passing.

He describes the time spent with his children abroad, his fundraising ventures and his memories with Frances – his “wife and best friend”.

In June last year the fundraiser received an award from the QEH for his efforts.

He was presented with a special ‘thank you’ award by QEH officials.

Mr English is starting his latest fundraising drive on Sunday at Gaywood Community Centre where he will be doing a car boot sale, after which he will be at Tesco in Wisbech on Friday, 20 and Saturday, 21 where he will be holding collections.

Further car boot sales and collections are to be held in due course, once dates are confirmed.

Mr English also welcomes donations for the book directly, and if you would like a copy, please phone 01485 518194.