Dog owner’s calls to add bin in Downham Market town centre

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A call has been made to add an extra dog bin in Downham to encourage more pet owners behave responsibly.

Val Leivers would like to see an additional bin placed at the top of Priory Road in the hopes of getting more walkers to pick up after their pets.

Mrs Leivers spotted the problem while on her daily walks around the town with two-year-old dog Oscar.

She is now calling on Downham Town Council to add the extra bin.

Mrs Leivers said: “There is not one dog bin in the town centre.

“There is the perfect place for one unobtrusive but convenient at the top of Priory Road near the wonderful flower display in the corner.

“This is not about encouraging dog owners to walk through the town centre but it would make easier for people to pick up after their pets.

“This would encourage more people to act responsibly.”

The council says there are 36 bins along the recognised dog walking areas of the town.

A council spokesman said; “It is not the wish of the council to promote the town centre as a dog walking area and therefore it does not currently have any plans for the siting of dog bins in its centre.

“This is an area where people appreciate congregating and socialising and the council is not persuaded that a bin is a suitable addition and could dissuade people from enjoying a valuable open green space.”