Downham Academy’s efforts look after the animals

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Almost £800 was raised for the World Wildlife Fund during a non-uniform day held at the Downham Market Academy.

The house systems at the academy are named after continents, and reflecting that, student leaders in Asia House decided that they would like to raise money to sponsor an animal from each continent.

The cash raised has enabled the houses to adopt a tiger, polar bear, hawksbill turtle, black rhino and jaguar respectively.

And their efforts, which saw students encouraged to wear animal print designs, will also support ongoing conservation efforts to preserve the habitats of each of the adopted species.

Student leader Abby Fincham said: “Humans are polluting the world and even though this is only a minor step we feel we can make a difference, no matter how small, through fundraising to support WWF.”

Head of house Mark Eastwood said: “The idea was really popular among students and with the sponsorship of animals comes the chance for them to really see where their money is being spent.”