Driver’s stark warning after crash at Sutton Bridge junction

The scene in Sutton Bridge where a moped was in collision with a car, ANL-151028-162532001
The scene in Sutton Bridge where a moped was in collision with a car, ANL-151028-162532001
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A motorist in Sutton Bridge fears someone could be killed there after he was involved in a collision with a moped at one of the village’s notorious junctions.

Mike Wyatt said he was driving out of Granville Terrace on to Bridge Road – the old A17 – when the incident happened.

He said: “We were trying to get out of Granville Terrace and this moped went into us.

“People park in front of Tears Garage right up to the edge of the corner and you just can’t see oncoming traffic.

“Thank goodness on this occasion the accident was not too serious. The teenager who was riding the moped called his mum and then rode off after she came.

“But if he had been going faster or had tried to swerve around, us it could have been a completely different story.”

Mr Wyatt said he had heard of similar incidents taking place in Sutton Bridge since he and his wife, Jo, retired to the village from Lanzarote two years ago to be nearer to their family.

He said: “Lorries use the road and it’s also a bus route. Accidents like this have been going on for years – it is crazy.

“I’ve written to the parish council asking if nothing can be done about the parking, maybe a convex mirror could be put opposite our road to make it easier to get some idea if there are any oncoming vehicles.

“This time the accident was not serious, but the damage to the car door has cost us a £150 excess on our car insurance.

“We are pensioners and don’t have money for things like this.”

Robert Tear, of Tears Garage, felt junctions like the one from Granville Terrace were a problem all over Sutton Bridge.

He said: “The cars in front of the garage are all parked legally and are not necessarily anything to do with us.

“The busy junction isn’t just a problem here. There are junctions like this all over the village.

“It’s difficult to say what can be done about it.”