Drivers to be surveyed at Boal Quay

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Drivers using one of Lynn’s busiest car parks are to be surveyed on use of the site today.

Notices have been placed at the entrances to the Boal Quay car park to inform motorists of the planned exercise, which will run from 7am until 7pm.

And officials say the project may be extended to other sites.

A West Norfolk Council spokesman said yesterday: “The survey is to establish who is using the car park, where they’ve come from, what is their purpose in visiting the town, and the duration of their stay.

“We know that tickets and permits are bought, but we don’t always know how long the duration of a stay is.

“If the information is useful, then the survey may also be done in other long-term car parks.

“This car park is being surveyed first as parking in this part of town has a lot of discussion around it.”

The survey has been arranged as work continues on the installation of parking 
meters on the nearby South Quay.

The quay was closed to traffic on Sunday for the second weekend running for the work to take place.

But members of a local neighbourhood forum have called for part of the car park to be set aside exclusively for the use of residents once the charges and associated permit system come into force.