Drug gangs from London and Peterborough working in King’s Lynn

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Drug gangs from London and Peterborough are targeting vulnerable people in Lynn, according to a police intelligence report published last week.

Two gangs from north London and one from Peterborough are operating within the town, as well as a number of ‘home grown’ suppliers.

The report reveals that one gang from London, known as ‘main group’, which has been working in Lynn for a number of years, moves from address to address within the town targeting vulnerable people.

The group will ask if they can stay with the person for a few nights and once inside, they take over the property, even getting the person to deal class-A controlled drugs on their behalf.

The report adds: “This group will use intimidation towards the occupants of the address they are using, as well as users they are supplying.”

A second group from London has also been supplying in Lynn for a number of years, but do not seem to take the same approach in occupying homes through intimidation as the main group, but do move from address to address in the town, giving the occupants drugs in exchange for using the location.

According to the report, this group has been targeted by the main group in recent times, which forced them to stop dealing in Lynn.

The group from Peterborough are believed to have left Lynn after a police intervention, having been located at an address occupied by a heroin user in the town centre.

No drugs were located but there was “clear evidence” of drugs being supplied within the address.

Several arrests have been made in the last few months, including a 17-year-old male who was apprehended with 50 wraps of class A drugs, and is believed to be a member of the second group.

A number of ‘home grown’ suppliers have also been identified, who in turn have a network of sub-dealers working throughout.

The report describes these as ‘family affairs’, members of which police have issued five arrest warrants for in the last three months.