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Duck rescued after being found covered in engine oil in Swaffham

A duck had to be rescued after being found covered in engine oil near a Swaffham veterinary surgery.

The bird, along with her four ducklings, are currently being treated at the RSPCA’s East Winch wildlife centre, after they were found near the Swaffham Veterinary Centre on Monday.

But, although the incident is thought to be accidental, one of the ducklings is understood to be seriously ill after swallowing some oil.

The family are understood to have been regular visitors to the surgery, whose staff had even built a makeshift pool to enable the duck to have a swim during a visit.

Workers at the practice found the duck covered in oil on Monday and alerted RSPCA staff.

Although it is not known how the birds became covered in oil, there are a number of garages nearby and veterinary staff believe the birds may have accidentally fallen into something.

Wildlife centre manager Alison Charles said: “It was very sad to see the poor mum covered from head to toe with oil, she literally had it dripping off her beak.

“While it would appear this has been an accident, we would always urge people to be mindful of how they dispose of and store oil.

“Due to the heavy covering and possible ingestion of oil, two of the ducks will have to be kept in for observation and both may need a second wash.

“We know the staff at the vets are extremely fond of them and have really missed not seeing the family waddling by as usual, but it may be some time before they can go home.”

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