Ducklings saved by being rubbed in butter at East Winch

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No Caption ABCDE ANL-150307-153221001
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Five orphaned ducklings covered in tar from a road which melted in the heat have been saved - after being rubbed in BUTTER.

The youngsters were left dehydrated and weak as the sticky tar covered their bodies.

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No Caption ABCDE ANL-150307-153313001

Wildlife centre staff used the old-fashioned treatment of rubbing butter on their feathers to free them up and nurse them back to health.

They also used a washing-up liquid bath to clear as much tar as they could from their bodies.

Staff at RSPCA East Winch went to work quickly after the babies were brought in from a road in Ashill.

Manager Alison Charles said: “All five ducklings were so poorly when they came in we weren’t sure they were going to make it.

“It might seem like an odd combination but the butter is an old fashioned remedy for removing tar and it really works.

“We’ve managed to get most of the tar off but three of the ducklings were so weak we only removed the worst of the tar and they’ll need another wash once they are fit enough.”

The ducklings, who are now orphaned, were said to be chirping away quite happily yesterday (Thurs).

The RSPCA is pleading for donations of butter, which they say is better than margarine, to help more cases of animals stuck in tar as the temperatures continue to soar.