East Winch flower festival carries Noah’s Ark theme

A flower festival at All Saints Church in East Winch had a Noah’s Ark theme attached to it.

The arrangers produced an astonishing variety of interpretations of the story, and, thanks to the generosity of Peter Denison, there was a glorious array of flowers.

Among the entries were a couple of cheeky caterpillars munching foliage low down in a tucked away corner and, high up, an ark teetering on a pillar of flowers.

Visitors were left amazed by an arrangement of homemade animals filing into the ark, and by the RSPCA’s glorious rainbow. A total of £300 was raised for church funds. Pictured above are Mary Riaz and the Reverend Riaz admiring some of the arrangements on show at the flower festival in All Saints Church at East Winch. mlnf16af06215