Eat, drink and be healthy at the QEH

GV of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital , King's Lynn ENGANL00120140502173025
GV of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital , King's Lynn ENGANL00120140502173025
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If you’re visiting Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital next week there’s a chance to brush up your nutrition and dietary knowledge.

Themed information stands and staff will be on hand in the hospital’s Restbite restaurant from Monday to Friday to raise awareness of National Nutrition and Hydration Week.

The annual event spreads the word to the public and healthcare workers of the importance of nutrition and hydration for the unwell.

The trust has already received positive feedback this year from staff and patients following its bottled water campaign which was launched last December.

Bottled water was introduced on wards as part of a bundle of interventions to prevent norovirus but the response saw far wider results.

Particularly staff noticed patients preferred the appearance and taste of bottled water, found them easier to drink from than jugs and glasses.

As a result they felt and stayed better hydrated and at times even aided recovery.

Adrian Debney, event organiser, said: “These are the sort of innovative ideas the trust is welcoming from staff and visitors during Nutrition and Hydration Week and the sort of examples we can use to educate staff by illustrating just how much simple aspects can have a big impact on improving a patient’s experience; by keeping them nourished and hydrated.

“We work as a team here at the QEH and this event is just yet another example of that – staff coming together to hear what we are doing well and what we want to do better. “

Staff are putting together a week-long presentation which celebrates their skills and commitment in promoting aspects of nutrition and hydration.

Tea and cake will be provided by the Dementia stand on Wednesday at noon.

Catherine Morgan, director of nursing, said: “It is great to see staff working together to meet the trust’s values; taking pride in their work, actively seeking ways to improve services, and ensuring an excellent patient experience.”