Ed Byrne “Outside Looking In” at Lynn Corn Exchange

Ed Byrne
Ed Byrne
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Irish comedian Ed Byrne is a regular visitor here, even describing the King’s Lynn crowd as “weird” on one of his live DVDs, but he keeps coming back, writes Jon Seymour.

Ed is not a comedian who just tells jokes, instead drawing on his own experiences and telling stories of previous happenings throughout his life. He also draws the crowd in on occasion an,d as the tour goes on, parts are added here and there depending on which particular crowd stories are his favourite.

He also imparts his own opinion on current topics, and making observations about people and places. In many ways he reminds me a lot of Billy Connolly, simply for the way that he uses life experience as the main focus of his comedy.

That’s where the similarity ends though, as Ed has a style all of his own, and had the Corn Exchange in fits of laughter on many occasions throughout the evening. One thing is certain though, and that is anyone that goes to one of Ed’s shows is guaranteed an evening of entertainment.

He’s not the most dynamic of comedians, and doesn’t rely on any visual comedy, it’s just one man telling you tales of his many experiences from growing up to married life, being a parent and a whole host of other things.

It’s a very intimate style of comedy, and one that draws the audience in. Of course, a lot of people can relate to the stories first hand, having had similar experiences themselves so it’s also engaging.

The Corn Exchange was pretty much packed out for the show though, so it’s quite obvious just how popular he is, and I would urge anyone to go see him if they haven’t already.

Observational comedy is something that everyone can enjoy, unless they’re under 16, because Ed’s language can be quite colourful at times….