Education Awards 2015: Who is our Most Improved Student?

Lynn News Education Awards night at Lynn Sport'Most Improved Student Winner ANL-141121-054320009
Lynn News Education Awards night at Lynn Sport'Most Improved Student Winner ANL-141121-054320009
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As nominations open for the Lynn News Education Awards, in association with Learning Resources, today we begin our series focusing on each of the 12 award categories

We aim to recognise the best of our schools, pre-schools, pupils and teachers during the ceremony, which will take place at Lynnsport on Wednesday, November 18.

For many, however, education is not about the highest grades, but simply working as hard as possible to be the very best they can be.

The Most Improved Student category aims to recognise those who may not necessarily be top of the class, but who have made major strides in their learning over the past year, often overcoming adversity along the way.

The award is sponsored by the CWA Academies Trust, which sponsors five schools across West Norfolk – the King’s Lynn Academy, King Edward VII Academy and Downham Market Academy, as well as the Eastgate Primary Academy in Lynn and the Nelson Academy in Downham.

The trust strives to create a vibrant learning environment, in order to enthuse and encourage young people to reach their full potential during their school years.

It aims to support all students, particularly those whose efforts to improve their grades and overall academic achievements, go above and beyond their initial targets.

The trust says it listens to the views of students and maximise their opportunities to get involved with the running of their learning environment, in order to ensure the curriculum continues to challenge students and that their surroundings promote enjoyment and an ability to lead safe, healthy lifestyles.

Chief executive, David Pomfret, said: “One of the core aims of the Trust is to raise the aspirations of young people and support them to fulfil their potential.

“Striving for academic excellence is a key factor in this and the Most Improved Student award recognises a young person who has made significant progress in their performance at school. The Trust is proud to sponsor such an award.”

If you know a student who you think deserves this award, then now is the time to nominate them, using the contact details on the right of this page.