Book day buzz in West Norfolk classrooms

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Staff and pupils from schools across across West Norfolk celebrated Thursday’s World Book Day in style.

Schools donned an array of costumes to mark the 20th anniversary of the big day.

Children and staff at the sister schools of Anthony Curton Primary, at Walpole St Peter, and Tilney All Saints Primary, had a joint celebration.

Youngsters dressed up as a character from a favourite fairytale, myth, legend, or classical story.

Executive headteacher Anne Senior said: “The two schools had so much with book characters who had leaped out of their books and swapped places with our children for the day. The costumes were amazing.”

Year 7 pupils from St Clemens High School, in Terrington St Clement, donned a range of costumes.  

Some of the teaching staff even joined in, wearing costumes from The Woman in Black, to David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny.

The students, meanwhile, dressed as a wide array of characters including: Harry Potter, Matilda, Little Red Riding Hood and even an Oompa-Loompa.

The English department also organised a variety of activities to promote students’ love of reading and all things book related.

Students designed and made book covers, created mythical creatures, exploring genre conventions, and improved their performance skills by planning a story with a twist in the tale.

Characters at Holly Meadows Primary School included the elusive Wally, and the Boy in the Dress.

Headteacher Jennie Wildsmith-Garton said: “There was a lovely buzz all day.

“Children enjoyed a range of activities such as book-inspired quizzes, character studies, a chance to exchange books in a mammoth book swap as well as teacher swap for story time.

“We always look forward to these fun days in school and hope they will promote a love of reading for all.”