Cap’n Jack is at Howard Junior for Pirates’ Day

Howard Junior School was awash with young pirates on Thursday as they opened a new children’s play area.

And a dead ringer for Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp was there to help with the celebrations.

Darren Potter, aka Captain Jack Sparrow, opened the new play area. Mr Potter, who appeared on TV’s Britain Got Talent back in 2011, may have looked fierce but the impersonator delighted children with his appearance.

Howard Junior School headteacher Gregory Hill, who was made to walk the plank, said: “We have built the largest pirate ship in the region, which the whole class can fit into and have lessons in.

“Can you imagine the surprise for the children meering Johnny Depp on a pirate ship?

“It was an absolutely amazing day and you can imagine the children’s faces when Captain Jack Sparrow appeared.

“The whole school was dressed up as pirates and the children have been researching pirates in lessons.”

Howard Junior School named their ship HMS Sharpin, after former teaching assistant Maggie Sharpin who worked at the school for 25 years.