College celebrates its sporting success

Group of winners at College of West Anglia awards evening
Group of winners at College of West Anglia awards evening
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Key words of praise underpinned the awards evening of the Sports Campus of the College of West Anglia at Lynnsport on Wednesday.

They featured in praise for the students by staff; praise for the staff by students and praise for both by college principal David Pomfret.

There was a large turnout for the presentation of individual and team awards; three guest speakers and two new names added to the Hall of Fame.

The three guest speakers were Dr Lee Smith, currently a research cientist at the University of Central London, Gavin Caney, sports journalist at the Eastern Daily Press at Lynn, and Patrick Manifold, professional basketball player for Glasgow Rocks.

Tommy Goode, programme manager at the Sports Campus, said the event was “a great night which celebrated our students’ success over the last year.”

He said the year had seen an exceptional performance by students and staff at the sports campus, excelling in many sports, helping disabled people and supporting charity.

Joining the CWA Sports Campus Hall of Fame were Caney and Yaba Afful-Logotse who is now a personal trainer.

Awards and winners: Academic Course Awards, Level 2 - Diploma in Sport Student of the Year: Daniel Nunn. Coach and Activity Leadership Student: Conrad Lester. Steve Mason Fitness Student: Danielle Redfearn. Level 3 - Personal Trainer Student: Sam Ely. NPS Yr 1 Student: Aaron Porter. NPS Yr 2 Student: Leanne Keeley-Smith. Kevin Graves Sports Science Yr1 Student: Dayna Kingshott. Sports Science Yr2 Student: George Sutton

Department Sports Awards

Sports Contribution Award: Leanne Keeley-Smith. Sports Man: Shaun Stocker. Sports Woman): Bethan Jones.

Elite Football Programme. Coaches Player of the Year: Kyran Stannard. Players’ Player: Toby Hilliard. Most Improved: Liam Youngs. Girls Football Academy. Coaches Player: Winona Lee. Players’: Kamarla Lawson. Most Improved: Jordan Turner. Rugby Academy. Coaches Player: Adam Potter. Players’: Jack Callaghan. Most Improved: Joseph Watt.

Netball Team. Coaches Player: Sophie Green. Players’ and Most Improved: Isobel Colville. Basketball Academy. Coaches Player: Zigimantas Klevinskis. Players’: Eivydas Aleksa. Most Improved: Tony Murray

Team of the Year. Team: CWA Fury Basketball Academy.