Improvement needed at King’s Lynn primary school

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Lynn’s Greyfriars Primary School requires improvement, according to Ofsted inspectors who visited it during December.

The inspectors want to see improvements in pupils’ achievement, the quality of teaching and the leadership and management of the 285-pupil school, off London Road.

But they rated the behaviour and safety of the pupils as good, and said they “behave well, concentrate hard and persevere when given the opportunity to tackle challenging work”.

The inspectors said there was not enough good teaching, particularly in English and maths, to ensure that pupils achieve well in all classes.

Attainment in reading, writing and mathematics was said to be below average and, while it was improving at Key Stage 1, it was static at Key Stage 2.

And they said not all teachers give pupils good guidance on how to improve their work, so they keep making the same mistakes.

The inspectors said while the leaders evaluate teachers’ lessons regularly, they do not always give them sufficient guidance on how to improve their performance – and the governors are not involved enough in the systems to improve teachers’ performance.

In the reception class, teachers were said to make a good start at teaching early reading, writing and number skills, but do not always provide enough opportunities for children to build on these in their play.

The inspectors said pupils eligible for free school meals, and those who speak English as an additional language, benefit from effective support and make good progress.

Pupils feel safe and free from any form of aggressive behaviour and say they enjoy the family atmosphere and the way adults treat them with respect.

The inspectors said there was some “good and outstanding” teaching that inspires pupils and gives them a pride in their achievements, and the school does much to build strong partnerships with parents and carers.

But to improve further, they said the school needs to ensure pupils make good progress, for example by providing extensive work to speed up their mathematical calculations and all teachers giving clear guidance in their marking of pupils’ work on how they can improve.

And the effectiveness of leadership and management needs improving by providing training to ensure that all teachers and teaching assistants are skilled at teaching reading and involving the governing body in evaluating teachers’ performance.